GoonIT ISIM Mail Verification Extension

The only reliable way to validate a users email address is to send a challenge/response authentication to the email address that has been entered. This is common best practice in any Registration process and should also be applied when a user/administrator performs an update on their mail address.


Figure: Email verification

The video below should be viewed in full screen: -


The GoonIT Mail Verification extension can be placed at the beginning of your workflow. There is no need for any script nodes as the extension evaluates the changes being made and only requests verification if an amended email address is detected.

Figure: ISIM Workflow


We have carefully designed our solution to be as robust and secure as possible:-


The cost and risk in customer's developing this solution for themselves often means it is not even attempted. At GoonIT we have the expertise to provide these solutions at low cost:-


The only way to perform this within ISIM is by custom development. We have created a solution for Email Address Verification which consists of an ISIM Workflow Extension and J2EE application which perform the following functions:-

Figure: Process Flow