GoonIM User Console (GIMUC)

GIMUC is a fully customisable application for business users providing Self Service and Decentralised Administration of your IBM Security Identity Manager environment. We have taken and enhanced the features from the ISIM Self Service console and added the ability for Decentralised Administration of teams borrowing capabilities delivered in the GoonIM Administration Console.

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Why would I need to customise?

We have been deploying IBM's Identity Manager solution for more than 12 years. In nearly every deployment customers have asked for changes to IBM's Self Service application to make the application suitable for its users. For example common requirements include: -

Unfortunately without hacking and breaking support arrangements the default applications cannot be customised. Customers are left in the position that to meet their requirements they have to write their own Self Service application from scratch.

At GoonIT we believe that one size doesn't fit all and have developed a base application to provide the functionality of the Self Service application with the additional capability for Manager's to be able to administer their team's identities. We have taken the best capabilities from the ISIM Admin, Self Service and our own GIMAC application to provide a core product which can be customised as needed. Do not compromise your Business Users experience! - ensure your project delivers on its functional Business Requirements.

We can further customise and provide support for the application to meet your exact requirements.

Decentralised Administration

Business Managers can perform all the same functions on user's within their scope as an individual can using exactly the same interface. Access is controlled by ISIM Views and ACIs in exactly the same way as the IBM console.


Service Request Form

On the request of a customer we have added the ability to include Service Request forms for administration that could not normally be performed by ISIM such as the creation of a new shared drive or amending the entitlements for an ISIM role. Forms can be added to users the User's Request Menu and allow the collection of all relevant information to be sent to an appropriate department. Forms are defined in a configuration file and can include details about the logged in user or include widgets to gather ISIM data such as Persons or Role names, etc

Request Form

Bulk Approval of Requests

In some environments Managers can be burdened with approving many requests each day. GIMUC allows the details of each request to be reviewed quickly and can be configured to allow the bulk Approval/Rejection of multiple requests.

Request Form

Change Details

In order to approve requests the Business Manager must know what details about the user are changing. GIMAC excels in informing the Approver exactly what change has been requested for this User or Account.

Role Information

Role Hierarchy

Understanding the ISIM Role Hierarchy can be vital when Business Managers (and Security Administrators) are deciding which Roles to place a user in. GIMAC makes it easy to see relevant role information and understand the access being granted. GIMUC can also support the embedding of HTML elements in fields such as Description (care needed and may be better addressed through form customisation).

Role Information

When requests are pending it can be useful to see whom the requests have been routed to. GIMAC allows the Manager or User to see the identities of the approvers and can email them directly if required.