Extends the package to provide a remotable application programming interface for identity management.


Class Summary
AccessTypeManager Provides aggregate access type management capabilities.
ChallengeResponseConfiguration Provides aggregate challenge response configuration capabilities.
ChallengeResponseManager Provides aggregate identity challenge response management capabilities.
ChallengesAndResponses ChallengesAndResponses object to hold a user's challenges and responses.
ContainerManager Provides aggregate container, or org chart, management capabilities.
ForgotPasswordConfiguration Provides forgot password configuration information
ForgotPasswordManager This class provides forgot password management capabilities.
ForgotPasswordRequest Represents a forgot password request submitted to the system.
OrganizationalContainerMO Managed object representing an organizational container.
PersonManager Provides aggregate identity (person) management capabilities.
PersonMO Managed object representing a person, or identity.
RoleManager Provides aggregate role management capabilities.
RoleMO Managed object representing an organizational role, either static or dynamic.
SelfPasswordManager Provides self password management.
SelfRegistrationManager Provides person self registration management capabilities.
SelfRequest Represents a request submitted to the provisioning platform.

Exception Summary
InvalidPasswordException This class identifies the attempt to set a password with an invalid value.

Package Description

Extends the package to provide a remotable application programming interface for identity management.

Contains classes that provide OrgChart, Person, Role and Password management capabilities. For a high-level overview, see the Applications API Overview

IBM Security Identity Manager 6.0.0
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