Interface Summary
IPolicyTarget The IPolicyTarget interface represents a resource that is targeted by a particular policy.
Policy This interface describes all basic (descripive) policy attributes

Class Summary
DirectoryPolicy This class provides a base implementation of all policy value objects.
GroupTarget The GroupTarget class allows for an ITIM policy to target individual groups, all groups in the organization, or all groups on a particular service.
RoleTarget The RoleTarget class allows for an ITIM policy to target individual roles or all roles in the system.
ScopedPolicy This class provides a base implementation for all policy value objects that support scoping capabilities.
SeparationOfDutyPolicy This class is the value object for the separation of duty policy entity.
SeparationOfDutyRule This class represents a Separation Of Duty Policy Rule.
ServicePolicy This class is a specialization of the ScopedPolicy class that provides the base value object of all ServicePolicyEntities.
ServiceTarget This class represents a target service, which could be either a specific service instance, all services of the specified profile, or all services of any profile.

IBM Security Identity Manager 6.0.0
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