Class SystemUserFactory

  extended by

public class SystemUserFactory
extends java.lang.Object

Factory for creating system users in the data store.

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Constructor Summary
          Default constructor.
Method Summary
 SystemUserEntity create(DistinguishedName tenantDN, Person owner, Service service, SystemUser sysUser)
          Creates a system user in the data store with the given value object to define the SystemUser's attributes.
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Constructor Detail


public SystemUserFactory()
Default constructor.

Method Detail


public SystemUserEntity create(DistinguishedName tenantDN,
                               Person owner,
                               Service service,
                               SystemUser sysUser)
                        throws ModelCommunicationException,
Creates a system user in the data store with the given value object to define the SystemUser's attributes.

tenantDN - Distinguished name of the system root (tenant) under which the system user is to be created.
owner - PersonEntity representing the owner of the system user (account).
service - ServiceEntity representing the service instance the user is accessing. This is most relevant if the platform is deployed in an ASP deployment where the platform may be hosted and made available to other organizations.
sysUser - Value object to use for creation.
ModelCommunicationException - Thrown if unable to communicate with the data store.
ModelCreationException - Thrown if unable to create the entity in the data store. Most likely due to some sort of schema violation caused by improper attributes set in the value object.

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