Class MailManager

  extended by

public final class MailManager
extends java.lang.Object

Delivers notification messages to the specified recipients. Messages are delivered either synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronous message delivery blocks the execution until the message delivery has either succeeded or failed. Asynchronous message delivery uses jms queues or topic to hold messages before sending it to message recipients. It does not block the execution while delivering the message.
If notification message is sent with group email topic then the post office collects similar notifications for a period of time and combine those into a single notification which is sent to the user. The post office aggregates e-mail notifications only for the following, manual activities:
 Requests for information (RFIs)
 Work orders
 Compliance alerts

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void notify(NotificationMessage message)
          notify delivers the given notification message.
static void notifyAsync(NotificationMessage message)
          notifyAsync will send the notificaiton asynchronous to the caller's thread.
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Constructor Detail


public MailManager()
Method Detail


public static void notify(NotificationMessage message)
notify delivers the given notification message.

message - Message to delivery.


public static void notifyAsync(NotificationMessage message)
notifyAsync will send the notificaiton asynchronous to the caller's thread.

message - notification to be sent.

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