Class JoinDirector

  extended by

public class JoinDirector
extends java.lang.Object

An implementation of PolicyJoinRuntimeContext. This class is responsible for:

  1. Sorting of policies by priority.
  2. Establishing the order of evaluating and generating of provisioning parameters.
  3. Associating attributes with all entitlements which describe them.
  4. Dispatching the entitlement join task to the appropriate concrete join class.
  5. Finding the joined entitlement's type and process definition.

Constructor Summary
JoinDirector(java.util.Collection policyEntitlementPairs, ServiceEntity service, PersonEntity person)
JoinDirector(java.util.Collection policyEntitlementPairs, ServiceEntity service, PersonEntity person, java.util.Map accountAttributes)
Method Summary combineEntitlements()
          Method will combine entitlements contained in the EntitlementInProvisioningPolicy objects into a joined entitlement.
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Constructor Detail


public JoinDirector(java.util.Collection policyEntitlementPairs,
                    ServiceEntity service,
                    PersonEntity person)
policyEntitlementPairs - contains all relevant policy-entitlement associations
service - Service for which the attributes values will be created
person - Person to which the account belongs


public JoinDirector(java.util.Collection policyEntitlementPairs,
                    ServiceEntity service,
                    PersonEntity person,
                    java.util.Map accountAttributes)
policyEntitlementPairs - Contains all relevant policy-entitlement associations.
service - Service for which the attributes values will be created.
person - Person to which the account belongs.
accountAttributes - Map of account attributes where values are AttributeValue objects.
Method Detail


public combineEntitlements()
                                                                       throws ModelCommunicationException,
Method will combine entitlements contained in the EntitlementInProvisioningPolicy objects into a joined entitlement.

pseudo Entitlement object with all provisioning parameters joined.
Throws: - thrown when unrecoverable error encountered during policy based generation of a provisioning parameter. - thrown when schema entry for an attribute cannot be found while retrieving join directive for that attribute.
ModelCommunicationException - when something goes wrong while trying to use JoinDirective instance. - - When LDAP schema information cannot be retrieved.
IterationsExceededException - when resulting entitlement is required and password couldn't be generated due to password rules being too strict. NOTE: Passwords are not generated unless joined entitlement is required. - - When an unexpected exception occurred during provisioning parameter evaluation.
ScriptException - thrown when script for a provisioning parameter cannot be evaluated.

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