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public interface ServiceProviderV2
extends ServiceProvider

Interface for a provider to communicate with a remote resource.

This V2 interface provides an extra method which returns the status for the test (ping) call. This is used to indicate whether the connection is secure or non-secure, by returning a WARNING status if insecure.

Communication with adapter based provisioning will implement this and proxy to adapter code using one of the supported protocol modules. These include DAML, FTP and DSMLv2 (used by ITDI).

Alternatively, agentless communication with a remote resource may be done by implementing this interface with a class that can communicate directly with that resource.

Classes implementing this interface will be called by the TIM framework in a TIM installation when an account action for add, modify, delete, suspend, restore, changePassword, search, or test are triggered. Implementations may be thought of as adaptor classes adapting the native data representation into something that can be understood by TIM. For example, data from sources such as LDAP directories, databases, XML files, etc should be translated to the types understood by TIM.

The ServiceProvider implementation should be instantiated by a ServiceProviderFactory. The ServiceProviderFactory to use will be found from the service type resource definition.

ITIM 5.0
See Also:
ServiceProvider, ServiceProviderFactory

Method Summary
 RequestStatus test2()
          Test a connection to the remote resource
Methods inherited from interface
add, changePassword, delete, getServiceProviderInfo, modify, restore, search, suspend, test

Method Detail


RequestStatus test2()
                    throws RemoteServicesException
Test a connection to the remote resource

The status of the test
RemoteServicesException - If there was a problem communicating with the resource

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