Interface GlobalFunction

public interface GlobalFunction

Provide an interface to allow script extensions to add a global function into the scripting environment. Any context, like the scripting environment via a ScriptContextDAO, should be passed to implementers of GlobalFunction via a constructor. This is not the recommended way of adding functions to the scripting enviroment. Instead you should add an object with the function you wish to call, and use the Object Orientiated way to call the method. (e.g. object.function(parameter)). Implementing GlobalFunction is the only way to a new global function to the scripting environment and exists for backwards compatibility.

ITIM 5.0

Method Summary
 java.lang.Object call(java.lang.Object[] parameters)
          This method will be called when the global function is called from a script.

Method Detail


java.lang.Object call(java.lang.Object[] parameters)
                      throws ScriptEvaluationException
This method will be called when the global function is called from a script. The parameters passed in the script will be passed in via the parameters argument. It is up to the function to check for the correct number and types of arguments.

parameters - The parameters passed into the function.
The result of the function, or null if there is no return value.
ScriptEvaluationException - Thrown if anything goes wrong and the function needs to abort.

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