Class ScriptLanguageMUX

  extended by

public class ScriptLanguageMUX
extends java.lang.Object

Class to allow easy multiplexing of script languages based on the file.

ITIM 5.0

Method Summary
static java.lang.String get(java.lang.String hcName)
          Looks up the language name to use from the file.
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Method Detail


public static java.lang.String get(java.lang.String hcName)
Looks up the language name to use from the file. If no language is defined in the file then a default language is returned.

hcName - The name of the host component. This name is appended to ITIM.interpreter. and then the combined name is used to look up which interpreter to use for the host component. The right hand side value should be either IBMJS or FESI (case insensitive). Any other values will cause a note to be made in the trace log and for the IBMJS engine to be used.
The script language to use, or a default language if none is defined in the properties file.

IBM Security Identity Manager 6.0.0
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