Interface WorkflowApplication

public interface WorkflowApplication

Interface to represent an external application that requires the workflow execution context in order for it to complete its tasks. The developer of the application will need to implement the interface and the engine will deliver the context before the application is called. If the workflow execution context is not needed by the application, then this interface is not required. The call made to the application to execute its tasks does not require a signature defined in this or any other interface, because the workflow engine can adapt to the native signature of the application as identified in the workflow process definition. This interface is provided only as a utility for clients that need information from the workflow engine in order to execute.

Method Summary
 void setContext(WorkflowExecutionContext context)
          Passes the workflow execution context to the application.

Method Detail


void setContext(WorkflowExecutionContext context)
Passes the workflow execution context to the application.

context - WorklowExecutionContext holding information about the currently executing activity.

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