Class JSRAAttributeWrapperFactory

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public class JSRAAttributeWrapperFactory
extends AbstractWrapperFactory

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 ObjectWrapper wrap(java.lang.Object obj, java.lang.String lang, java.lang.Object param)
          Correctly wrap the given object to use in the scripting environment.
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Constructor Detail


public JSRAAttributeWrapperFactory()
Method Detail


public ObjectWrapper wrap(java.lang.Object obj,
                          java.lang.String lang,
                          java.lang.Object param)
Description copied from interface: WrapperFactory
Correctly wrap the given object to use in the scripting environment. If a wrapper that a WrapperFactory creates does not need any special context information, it is safe to ignore lang and param.

obj - The Object to wrap.
lang - The scripting language we are using. This is used to choose a specific wrapper if the wrapper must vary depending on scripting language.
param - Some wrapper classes need parameters to correctly wrap objects. param is how this information is passed. param can be null if no extra information is necessary.
null - if (obj == null)
null - if param is not sufficient to wrap the object for the given language.
Wrapped object - else.

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