Provides the classes necessary to wrap and unwrap objects in the script environment.


Interface Summary
ObjectWrapper Interface that all ObjectWrapper types must implement.
WrapperFactory A class that implements WrapperFactory knows how to wrap a specific type of Object or a set of objects.

Class Summary
AbstractWrapperFactory Provides a base class that can be extended so implementations don't need to worry about implementing getObjectToStore.
GenericWrapperFactory Simple WrapperFactory that can wrap any object type.
JSAttributeValueWrapperFactory Factory to wrap AttributeValue types.
JSCollectionWrapperFactory Factory to wrap Collection types.
JSDirectoryObjectWrapperFactory Factory to wrap DirectoryObject types.
JSIRuleResultWrapperFactory Factory to wrap IRuleResult instances
JSMapWrapperFactory Factory to wrap Map types.
JSPackagedApprovalDocumentWrapperFactory Factory to wrap PackagedApprovalDocument instances
JSPackagedApprovalItemWrapperFactory Factory to wrap PackagedApprovalItem instances
ObjectWrapperImpl ObjectWrapperImpl serves as a simple base class for more complex classes that wrap Java objects that are represented as JavaScript objects.
ObjectWrapperManager Main entry point to wrap an Object to place in the scripting environment.
WrapperConfigDefaults Holds all of the default values that configure wrapping scripting objects in a single location.

Package Description

Provides the classes necessary to wrap and unwrap objects in the script environment. Also provides the interfaces necessary to write custom wrappers and WrapperFactory classes.

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