GIMAC - Provisioning Policy Wizard

The implementation of Role Base Identity Management can be the greatest benefit of an IBM Security Identity Manager deployment but can also be the most time consuming and challenging to deliver.

There are many barriers to Role Based management and projects often fail to deliver successfully because: -

At GoonIT we believe that Organisations need the tools to be able to develop Roles and Provisioning Policies within ISIM quickly and that the creation of new Provisioning Policies needs to become part of business as usual activity.

Our solution

Organisational Roles and Provisioning Policiescan created by comparing and profiling existing accounts. Role based provisioning can be created with a minimum effort from within the Administration Console and are ready to test in minutes.

  1. Select 2 accounts on which to base a Policy
  2. Add the accounts to the WorkPad
  3. Compare and Review the Accounts
  4. Use the Provisioning Policy Wizard
  5. Review and Test the Policy
  6. Rename Role and Policy

This capability reduces can reduce hours of work per policy to a few minutes.

GoonIT are currently extending this facility to provide identification of accounts that match the resulting Policy.